Bulg. J. Phys. vol.46 no.4 (2019), pp. 386-394

Nuclear Structure Effects Involving Pear-Shape Deformation

N. Minkov
Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Tzarigrad Road 72, BG--1784 Sofia, Bulgaria
Abstract. In this paper two recently studied aspects of the pear-shape [axial qudrupole-octupole (QO)] deformation in atomic nuclei are presented namely, the formation of alternating-parity bands in even-even nuclei aside of the known regions of octupole collectivity and the interplay of QO shape-dynamics with the single-particle (s.p.) motion in odd-mass nuclei. The study in the first aspect involves an application of a collective QO model to the nuclei 130-136Nd suggesting the presence of a soft QO mode in 130-134Nd and possible stabilization of the octupole shape in 136Nd. In the second aspect, we clarify the role of the QO deformation in the 7.8 eV 229mTh "nuclear clock" isomer, pointing out the crucial importance of the octupole mode for the formation of this unusual nuclear excitation.

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