Bulg. J. Phys. vol.47 no.1-2 (2020), pp. 032-042

Systematic Study of Multifragmentation in Au-Au Collisions

S. Goyal
Department of Physics, GSSDGS Khalsa College, Patiala-147001, India
Abstract. We performed a systematic study of the formation of fragments with different mass ranges in 197Au + 197Au collisions at incident energies between 20–1000 MeV/nucleon and at impact parameter between = 0–0.98. The aim of present study is to understand the complex dependence of fragment production on incident energy and impact parameter. Our results clearly indicate that the QMD simulations of 197Au + 197Au predict different behavior for different mass ranges than for IMF's with a change in incident energy and impact parameter. All charge yields (3 ≤ Zfrag ≤ 12) can be parameterized by a power law (∝ Zfrag) and no signal of liquid-gas phase transition is seen as no unique dependence of σ on impact parameter is seen.

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