Bulg. J. Phys. vol.45 no.4 (2018), pp. 374-384

LRS Bianchi Type I in C-Field Cosmology with Varying Λ(t)

B. Malekolkalami, G.H. Khalafi
Faculty of Science, Department of Physics, University of Kurdistan, Sanandaj, Iran
Abstract. We investigate LRS Bianchi type I spacetime filled with barotropic fluid (p = γρ) in the C-field cosmology of Hoyle and Narlikar (HN). The model considers a varying Cosmological Constant (Λ(t)) and to get deterministic solution, it is assumed that Λ = 1/A2 as considered by Chen and Wu (Phys. Rev. D 41 (1990) 695), where A is a scale factor. The presence of several parameters (including γ) makes it possible to manipulate the model to match it with observational data. The three special cases of the model, that is dust filled universe (γ = 0), stiff fluid universe (γ = 1) and radiation dominated universe (γ = 1/3) are discussed. The physical aspects of these models are also studied.

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