Bulg. J. Phys. vol.46 no.2 (2019), pp. 094-106

Dynamics of Magnetized Anisotropic Dark Energy in f(R,T) Gravity with Both Deceleration and Acceleration

V.R. Chirde1, S.H. Shekh2
1Department of Mathematics, G.S.G. Mahavidyalaya, Umarkhed-445206, India
2Department of Mathematics, S.P.M. Science and Gilani Arts and Commerce College-Ghatanji, Yavatmal, Maharashtra, India
Abstract. In this paper we investigate some features of Bianchi type II, VIII & IX universe in the presence of magnetized anisotropic dark energy fluid that has an anisotropic equation of state (EoS) parameter in f(R,T) gravity. To ensure deterministic solution, we choose the scale factor a(t) = (tnet)1/2 which yields a time dependent deceleration parameter representing a class of models which generate a transition of the universe from the early decelerating phase to the recent accelerating phase. In our investigation, we found that the EoS parameter (ω) for the dark energy is time-dependent and its existing range for derived models is in good agreement with data obtained from recent theoretical observations. The physical and geometric aspects of the universe are also discussed in detail.

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