Bulg. J. Phys. vol.46 no.2 (2019), pp. 151-161

Kantowski–Sachs String Cosmological Model with Varying Λ in the Presence of Bulk Viscous Fluid

S. Samdurkar1, S. Bawnerkar2
1Vidya Vikas Arts, Commerce and Science College, Samudrapur, India
2Shah & Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College, Mumbai, India
Abstract. The present study deals with Kantowski--Sachs cosmological model representing Takabayasi (p-string) string in the presence of bulk viscosity and varying cosmological term in the form Λ(t) ∝ H2. To get the deterministic solution we assume the condition that the shear scalar is proportional to expansion scalar. We obtained relation between the coefficient of bulk viscosity and energy density which is given by ξ ∝ ρ1/2. Some physical and geometrical aspects of the models are discussed. Our model is found to be in accelerating phase which are consistent to the recent observations of SNIa and CMBR. The expression for proper distance, luminosity distance, angular diameter distance, look back time and distance modulus curve have been analyzed and also the distance modulus curve of derived model nearly matches with Supernova Ia(SN Ia) observations.

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