Bulg. J. Phys. vol.21 no.1-2 (1994), pp. 059-064

Low-Field Thermomagnetic Curves of Melt-Spun Nd-Fe-B Ribbons

O. Popov1, S. Nikolov2, H. Sassik3, M. Mikhov1
1Faculty of Physics, University of Sofia, 1126 Sofia, Bulgaria
2Department of Physics, Technical University, Sofia, Bulgaria
3Institute of Experimental Physics, TU, Vienna, Austria
Abstract. Low-field thermomagnetic behaviour of Nd15Fe77B8 as-cast ingots and melt-spun ribbons quenched at different cooling rates as well as for some Nd-Fe-B magnets, produced by conventional powder metallurgy, and by hot pressed melt-spun ribbons have been studied in the temperature range: room temperature – Curie temperature.

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