Bulg. J. Phys. vol.29 no.1-2 (2002), pp. 17-29

Fabrication of Diffraction Gratings for Microfluidic Analysis

Y. Sarov1, I. Kostic2, P. Hrkut2, L. Matay2, Tz. Ivanov3, I. Rangelow3
1Central Laboratory of Optical Storage and Processing of Information, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences P.O.Box 95, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
2Institute of Informatics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, 9 Dubravska cesta Str., SK-84237 Bratislava, Slovakia
3Institute of Technological Physics, IMA, University of Kassel, FB-18, Heinrich-Plett Str. 40, D-34132 Kassel, Germany
Abstract. Micro-optical-electromechanical systems for microfluidic applications include typically different constituents, as optical fibers, waveguides, wavelength selection gratings and microfluidic parts, all on a single chip. In this work high quality micrometer-period metal and submicrometer silicon diffraction gratings are fabricated by e-beam lithography and reactiveion etching. Fabricated gratings’ quality and optical behaviour is investigated. Sub-micrometer period diffraction gratings can be used as high selective optical grids in the visible region, as well as diffractive grids in UV and X-ray regions. Examples of obtained 2D and 3D diffraction structures are presented.

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