Bulg. J. Phys. vol.31 no.3-4 (2004), pp. 154-161

Synthesis and magnetic properties of Pr0.5Sr0.5Mn0.5Cu0.5O3 and Pr0.5Sr0.5Mn0.5Ru0.5O3

N. Balchev1, B. Kunev2, J. Pirov3, A. Souleva4, K. Nenkov5,6
1Institute of Solid State Physics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 1784 Sofia, Bulgaria
2Institute of Catalysis, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
3Central Laboratory of Photoprocesses, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
4University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, 1756 Sofia, Bulgaria
5Institut fur Festkorper- und Werkstofforschung, 01171 Dresden, Germany
6International Laboratory of High Magnetic Fields and Low Temperatures, 53-421 Wroclaw, Poland
Abstract. Polycrystalline samples with nominal compositions of Pr0.5Sr0.5Mn0.5Cu0.5O3 and Pr0.5Sr0.5Mn0.5Ru0.5O3 were synthesized and their magnetical properties were investigated. It was shown that Pr0.5Sr0.5Mn0.5Cu0.5O3 has an AFM state accompanied by a weak FM. The Pr0.5Sr0.5Mn0.5Ru0.5O3 material has a PM-FM transition beginning at Tc ≈ 325 K and a FM-AFM one – at about 160 K. The low magnetization values, field and temperature dependence of the magnetization suggest a phase separation of an anomalous FM state and AFM state far below the FM-AFM transition.

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