Bulg. J. Phys. vol.37 no.1 (2010), pp. 24-36

Dependence of Some Features of VLF Sferics on Source and Propagation Parameters

B.K. De1, S. Debnath1, P. Pal1, S.S. De2, B. Bandyopadhyay2, A. Bhowmick1, S. Paul2, D.K. Haldar2, S. Barui2, G. Chattopadhyay2
1Department of Physics, University of Tripura, Agartala 799 130, India
2S.K. Mitra Centre for Research in Space Environment, Centre of Advanced Study in Radio Physics and Electronics, University of Calcutta, Kolkata 700 009, India
Abstract. The paper deals with some features of Integrated Field Intensity of Sferics (IFIS) at 21.5 kHz recorded over Tripura (Lat. 230 N, Long. 91.40 E), the hilly place of North-East India. The data are critically analyzed with respect to the variation of seasons. The results have been explained on the basis of the source parameter and propagation parameter of sferics.

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