Bulg. J. Phys. vol.37 no.4 (2010), pp. 223-231

Magnetic Field and Temperature Dependent Measurements of Hall Coefficient in Thermal Evaporated Tin-Doped Cadmium Oxide Thin Films

O.A. Hamadi1, N.J. Shakir2, F.H. Mohammed3
1Department of Physics, College of Education, The Islamic University, Baghdad, Iraq
2School of Applied Sciences, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq
3Department of Physics, College of Science, Almustansiriya University, Baghdad, Iraq
Abstract. CdO:Sn thin films are deposited onto glass substrates by thermal evaporation under vacuum. The studied films are polycrystalline and have an NaCl structure. The Hall effect is studied for films with different thickness as substrates are maintained at different temperatures. The temperature dependence of the Hall mobility is also investigated.

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