Bulg. J. Phys. vol.38 no.3 (2011), pp. 334-340

The Peculiarities of the Shortest-Period Eclipsing Binary Star GSC~2314-0530

D. Dimitrov1, D. Kjurkchieva2
1Institute of Astronomy and National Astronomical Observatory, Bulg. Acad. Sci., Sofia 1784, Bulgaria
2Department of Astronomy, Shumen University, Shumen 9700, Bulgaria
Abstract. The main results from the investigation of the newly discovered eclipsing binary GSC 2314-0530 are presented. Its period of P=0.192636 days is the shortest orbital period of a binary with non-degenerate components. Our ``champion'' is interesting also by its low-mass, fast-rotating dMe components. Their high activity is revealed by the strong Hα emission, cool spots covering 3.5% of the primary' surface and observed several flares. We found a star at a distance 61 arcsec from the binary that has the same proper motion as GSC 2314-0530. The color indices as well as the low-dispersion spectra of the distant companion (called by us the Twin) show that its spectral type is later than dM5. The existence of the Twin explains the exclusive small angular momentum of GSC 2314-0530.

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