Accepted Paper

Phantomic Behaviour of Generalized Ghost Pilgrim Dark Energy Models in Self Creation Theory

S.D. Katore1, D.V. Kapse2
1Department of Mathematics, SGBAU, Amravati-444 602, India
2Department of Mathematics, PRMIT&R, Badnera-Amravati-444 701, India
Abstract. The behavior of generalized ghost pilgrim dark energy (GGPDE) in the scope of axially symmetric space-time is studied in Barber's (Gen. Relativ. Gravitation 14 (1982) 117) second self creation theory. To analyze the results from the solutions of field equations, we have considered the special law of Hubble parameter that yields a constant value of the deceleration parameter. It is interesting to note that the equation of state parameter of GGPDE shows phantom like behavior. Moreover, a correspondence between GGPDE models and polytropic gas dark energy model, have been established. This correspondence allows us to reconstruct the potential of the polytropic scalar field as well as the dynamics of the scalar field according to the evolution of the GGPDE.

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