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Structural, Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Zn Doped NiFe2O4 Added with 0.8wt%V2O5 Synthesized via Ceramic Method

Madhukar S. Patil
Department of Physics, Yashwantrao Chavan College, Sillod, Aurangabad, India
Abstract. Using the traditional ceramic process, zinc doped 'Nickel ferrite' with V2O5 was produced, yielding Ni0.7Zn0.3Fe2O4+0.8wt%V2O5. Various technical methodologies were used to characterize structural, electrical, magnetic, and dielectric properties. X-ray diffraction was used to identify the crystalline phases after the addition of V2O5 as an impurity. Major reflections obtained in XRD were indexed as (220), (310), (311), (222), (400), (422), (511), and (440) planes that confirmed the formation of ferrite crystalline phases in particular with single-phase, cubic shape, spinel structure. The avg. lattice parameter (a) of the prepared sample was found to be 8.380–0.005 Å. The X-ray density was recorded to be 5.303 g/cm3. The crystallite size (t) was calculated by using the Debye-Scherrer method taking the (311) plane of maximum intensity; it was reported to be 2.684 μm. The development of the ferrite phase was supported by different absorption bands v1 (542 cm-1 and v2 (410.84 cm-1 corresponding to the tetrahedral and octahedral group complexes Fe3+–O2- respectively. The logarithmic plot of DC resistivity has shown the semiconducting behaviour of the prepared samples. The magnetic parameters have shown some changes at higher levels after the addition of V2O5 in Ni0.7Zn0.3Fe2O4.

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