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Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 49 no. 1 (2022)

Proceedings of the International Workshop ``Shapes and Dynamics of Atomic Nuclei: Contemporary Aspects'' (SDANCA-21), 16-18 September 2021, Sofia, Bulgaria. PART II
N. Minkov
pp. 001-004, [abs, pdf]
Mentors Matter: A Tribute to David J. Rowe
J.P. Draayer
pp. 005-020, [abs, pdf]
The Dominance of Deformation in Nuclei and Its Roots in a Symplectic Effective Field Theory
J.P. Draayer, D. Kekejian, G.H. Sargsyan, T. Dytrych, K.D. Launey
pp. 021-036, [abs, pdf]
Ab initio View of Emergent Symplectic Symmetry and Its Crutial Role in Nuclear Dynamics
T. Dytrych, K.D. Launey, J.P. Draayer, D. Langr
pp. 037-046, [abs, pdf]
Shape Mixing and Clustering in Nuclei: Probing Physics beyond the Standard Model
G.H. Sargsyan, K.D. Launey, A. Mercenne, T. Dytrych, J.P. Draayer
pp. 047-056, [abs, pdf]
Symmetry and Shape Coexistence in 10Be
M.A. Caprio, A.E. McCoy, P.J. Fasano, T. Dytrych
pp. 057-066, [abs, pdf]
Linking Partial Dynamical Symmetry to Nuclear Energy Density Functionals
A. Leviatan, N. Gavrielov, K. Nomura
pp. 067-077, [abs, pdf]
Reflection Asymmetry in Ra Isotopes
E.V. Mardyban, T.M. Shneidman, N.V. Antonenko, G.G. Adamian
pp. 078-088, [abs, pdf]
N = 90 Shape Phase Transition: Increasing Axial Asymmetry Towards 148Ce
P. Koseoglou, V. Werner, N. Pietralla
pp. 089-096, [abs, pdf]
Revisiting the Concept of Nuclear Rotation: Quantum and Classical Viewpoints
Makito Oi
pp. 097-107, [abs, pdf]
Shape Coexistence in Proton Rich Se Isotopes
A. Mukherjee, S. Bhattacharya, T. Trivedi, R.P. Singh, S. Muralithar, D. Negi, R. Palit, S. Nag, S. Rajbanshi, S. Kumar, M. Kumar Raju, D. Choudhury, S. Sihotra, R. Kumar, S.C. Pancholi, A.K. Jain
pp. 108-113, [abs, pdf]
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