Bulg. J. Phys. vol.48 no.3 (2021), pp. 276-286

Photometric Study of the Blazar OJ 287

E. Zaharieva, E. Ovcharov, M. Minev, V. Bozhilov, A. Valcheva
Department of Astronomy, Faculty of Physics, University of Sofia, BG-1164 Sofia, Bulgaria
Abstract. We present the results from observations of the blazar OJ 287 in the B, V, R and I bands during December 2015 — February 2020. The obtained light curve of OJ 287 showed long-term timescale variability with a large amplitude. We found untypical variations in the color indexes (B-V) and (V-R) in short-term period. A dominating black body radiation from the accretion disc and the Broad-Line Region (BLR) emission lines appearance in the blazar spectrum might be the probable reasons for these variations.

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