Bulg. J. Phys. vol.27 no.S3 (2000), pp. 072-075

Ozone Air Pollution over the Balkan Peninsula

V. Grigoeieva1, S. Kolev2, M.Mihalev1
1Institute of Electronics, 72 Tzarigradsko Chaussee, 1784 Sofia, Bulgaria
2National Institute of Meleorology and Hydrology, 66 Tzarigradsko Chaussee, 1784 Sofia, Bulgaria
Abstract. Behaviour of the surface ozone concentration is examined in detail over the hwole world because of the adverse impact of the ozone air pollution on human health and ecosustems as in urban areas and in "unpolluted" rural ones.It is recognized that there are some substabtial gaps in our knowledge of the ozone clymatology. One of them is the lack of the gepgraphical representativeness of the ozone data over Europe: in the eastern and in the southern parts of the Continent (including and Balkan Peninsula) the surface ozone database is direly limited. In this paper the surface ozone behaviour at Sofia, Bulgaria and the factors determined it is described. The overview of the ozone data available for the few points of Balkan Peninsula also is given.

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