Bulg. J. Phys. vol.27 no.S3 (2000), pp. 100-101

Radon Concentration in Dwelling Houses

R.M. Bytyçi1, L. Istrefi1, J. Hoxha1, Xh. Ibrahimi2, H. Dervishi3
1Faculty of Mathematical and Natural Science, University of Prishtina, Prishtina, Kosova
2High Pedagogical School, University of Prishtina, Kosova
3University of Tetova, Tetova, FRYM
Abstract. Indoor radon survey in some houses of Prishtina, after war in Kosova, was performed with passive radon dosimeters utilizing CR-39 detector . Based on the preliminary examination, the average indoor radon concentration was found to be relatively low (around 30–70 Bq/m3).

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