Bulg. J. Phys. vol.27 no.S3 (2000), pp. 166-169

Structural and Preferential Orientation Characterization of the New PAN Fibres, Used as Carbon Fibre Precursors, by X-Ray Diffraction Techniques

I. Pencea1, G. Tiriba 2
1Faculty of Science and Engineering of Materials,
2Department of Physics,
Abstract. In this paper it is presented a complementary method to certificate polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fibres as carbon fibre precursors by X-ray diffraction investigations. There are shown the structural parameters (d[200], d[311], L[200], XC) and the preferred orientation parameters (Z, 2Φ>, P2(2Φ>) of the two new kinds of PAN fibres and of the Courtella PAN fibres.

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