Bulg. J. Phys. vol.27 no.S3 (2000), pp. 179-182

The Mean Value and the Standard Deviation of the Breakdown Time Delay in Neon vs Number of Events

M.K. Radović1, T.V. Jovanović2, Č. Maluckov1, O. Stepanović1
1Dept . of Physics, Fac. of Nat. Sci. and Math., Univ. of Niš, PF 91, 18001 Niš, Yugoslavia
2Fac. of Medicine, Inst. of Phys. Univ. of Niš, PF 174, 18001 Niš, Yugoslavia
Abstract. The analysis of mean value and the standard deviation of the breakdown time delay in neon filled diode at pd = 0.8 mbar.cm in function of the number of measurements is presented in this paper. Laue's distributions which are straight lines, show that the breakdown always appear with the same mechanism, and the time delay distributions are exponential. The formative time increase with decreasing of the overvoltage and it becomes of the same order of magnitude as time delay. It can be seen that for determining the qualitatively good statistics, there is no need for more than 500 successive and independent measurements.

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