Bulg. J. Phys. vol.27 no.S3 (2000), pp. 246-249

Mutations Induction on the Characters of Wheat by Physical and Chemical Mutagenes

A. Ylli (Kraja)1, I. Stamo2, D. Zeneli1
1Institute of Biological Research, Academy of Sciences, Tirana, Albania
2Institute of Nuclear Physics, Academy of Sciences, P.O.Box 85, Tirana, Albania
Abstract. Physical and chemical mutagenesis induces variability on genetical materials and after selectivity can be obtained mutants with improved and positive features. Induced mutations were produced from ionizing radiation sources and chemical agents. Throughout several years were obtained improved features materials, comparing with parents. In the wheat C178 from physical mutagenesis, it was obtained the line MF/3 by consecutive radiation's: l 5 kR and 10 kR. This line had a plant height of 25% shorter than parent and better production features. After an experimental work and field tests in the years 1988-1996 the line MK3 4/3(LBZxL1376) treated with dMS 0.004M present a new cultivar with these characteristics: protein content 11.6%, yield 6% higher than control and good agronomic type.

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