Bulg. J. Phys. vol.25 no.3-4 (1998), pp. 140-149

Growth Mode, Structure and Orientation Changes in Co/NaCl Layers under the Influence of Temperature and Ion Bombardment

E. Michailov, N. Georgiev, D. Dobrev
Institute of Physical Chemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
Abstract. The influence of temperature and ion bombardment on growth mode, structure and orientation of thin Co layers during their deposition onto air-cleaved NaCl substrates was investigated by means of transmission electron microscopy. It was found that both the substrate temperature and the ion bombardment cause considerable changes in principle properties of Co layers, such as average grain size, degree of crystallinity, structure, orientation and perfectness. In particular, well-pronounced cubic phase was found to take place as a result of ion irradiation during the deposition, in comparison with physical vapour deposited (without ion irradiation) room temperature Co layers, which are predominantly hexagonal.

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