Bulg. J. Phys. vol.22 no.1-2 (1995), pp. 022-025

Forward pp-Elastic Scattering at 35.7 GeV/c

Z.M. Zlatanov
Higher Institute of Chemistry and Technology, Sofia 1756
Abstract. The results from measurement on differential cross-section for pp-elastic scattering at incident momenta of 35.7 GeV/c in the four momentum transfer squared range 0.10 < -t < 0.46 (GeV/c)2 are presented. The absolute value at t = 0 of the ratio of real to imaginary parts |ρ| = 0.33±0.23 and slope parameter for the differential cross-section slope = (11.5±0.7) (GeV/c)-2 were determined using the analytical properties of the scattering amplitude in the cosθ-plane. The slope parameter of the differential cross-section was found to increase with decreasing |t|.

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