Bulg. J. Phys. vol.22 no.1-2 (1995), pp. 060-068

Mathematical Modelling of Infrared Remote Sensing by an Airborne Radiometer

E.S. Ferdinandov1, V.I. Tsanev1, B.O. Todorov1, O.G. Zaharieva2
1Academy of Sciences, Institute of Electronics, 1784 Sofia, Bulgaria
2Plovdiv Branch of Technical University Sofia, 6000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Abstract. A mathematical modelling of vertical infrared sensing has been made, i.e. nadir sounding by airborne radiometer and zenith sounding by ground based radiometer. The second case is just a modification of the first. Expressions describing the relations between the different radiant fluxes and the characteristics of the sensed object, surfaces and media inside and outside IFOV and the parameters of the optical channel of the radiometer are derived. Our model also includes the radiant fluxes emitted by objects and media outside IFOV and subsequently scattered by the aerosol inside IFOV towards the radiometer. These fluxes are not taken into account in the papers we know. By numerical experiments and analyses of the results it is shown that in certain cases the above mentioned fluxes could be compared in value with the rest fluxes.

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