Bulg. J. Phys. vol.20 no.1-2 (1993), pp. 009-016

Interaction of α-Particles with α-Cluster Nuclei (126C and 168O) in Aspect of Optical Potential

S. El-Gazaly1, M. El-Khosht2, I.I. Bondok2, N.Z. Darwish2
1Department of Physics and Chemistry, Faculty of Education, Tanta University, Kafr El-sheikh, Egypt
2Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Tanta University, Tanta, Egypt
Abstract. Supplementing the optical model potential by repulsive core Vc allows to model Anomalous Large Angle Scattering in the α-particle scattering. Motivated by recent discussions, an analytical Soliton Form Factor is used for Vc that may be interpreted as a storage for kinetic energy in compressed nuclear matter. Computed angular distributions with the proposed potential of optical model with a repulsive core in the cases of Carbon 12C and Oxygen 118O nuclei agree nicely with the experiment thus furnishing support for such a parametrization and compressibility moduli values, where K =318 ± 27% (15%) and K = 334 ± 20% (6%) MeV for the two systems α + 12C (α +16O) respectively.

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