Bulg. J. Phys. vol.19 no.1-2 (1992), pp. 031-041

Critical Concentration for Stimulated Amplification of Gamma Rays

P.S. Kamenov, A. Petrakiev
University of Sofia, 5, J. Bourchier Blvd, Sofia 1126, Bulgaria
Abstract. In this paper it is demonstrated that the critical concentration of excited nucleus and the development of powerful enough gamma-laser are possible in the near future. At the present level of technology, the amplification of gamma-lasers could be of more than 10 orders of magnitude, and the power of coherent radiation – more than one kilowat. The shape and amplitude of the laser pulse are derived as a function of the active elements cooling rate. The differences between gamma-lasers and the visible light lasers are stated. Notwithstanding the high amplification and the single-time action, the stimulated emission of some real radionuclides can last long enough for all scientific experiments and technological applications. The new relations between the Einstein coefficients and new cross-sections for stimulated emission (absorption) help to deeper understanding of stimulated emission, stars atmospheres, plasma physics, quantum theory of radiation and many other physics processes.

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