Bulg. J. Phys. vol.19 no.3-4 (1992), pp. 024-034

On the Mathematical Description of Texture Determination by Diffraction Methods

T. Vodenicharova1, K. Krezhov2
1Institute for Foreign Students, 27, A. Velchev Str., 1111 Sofia
2Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy, 1784 Sofia
Abstract. A new projection technique for mathematical construction of pole figures (PF's) on the basis of a model Gauss-shaped orientation distribution function (ODF) of microcrystallites is suggested. The problem of Ghost phenomena which is characteristic for the series expansion methods in quantitative texture analysis is shortly discussed. The formulae describing the relationship between the model ODF and the constructed PF's are derived and covered by a procedure for application of projection technique which avoids the appearance of ghost peaks. Some results are shown.

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