Bulg. J. Phys. vol.19 no.3-4 (1992), pp. 035-040

Raman Scattering from Bi2.4Sr2.6Fe2O9+δ

V.N. Hadjimitov1, M.N. Iliev1, M. Pissas2, C. Mitros2
1Faculty of Physics, University of Sofia, 1126 Sofia, Bulgaria
2Institute of Materials Science, NCSR
Abstract. The Raman spectra of insulating compound Bi2.4Sr2.6Fe2O9+δ have been measured and compared to these of the superconducting Bi2CaSr2Cu2O8+δ which has isomorphic structure. The Raman lines at 116, 157, 245, 288, 461-465 and 614 cm-1 has been assigned to definite atomic vibrations. Some earlier assignments of the Raman lines of Bi2CaSr2Cu2O8+δ have been reconsidered.

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