Bulg. J. Phys. vol.19 no.3-4 (1992), pp. 074-079

Optimizing Plasma Etching of Base Polymer Materials for MLB Using Response Surface Methodology

I. Garnev1, K.Oshinov1, V. Orlinov1, K. Popova2, B. Spangenberg2
1Laboratory of Applied Physics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 1, Iv. Iliev Street, Blagoevgrad 2700, Bulgaria
2Institute of Electronics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 72 Tsarigradsko chosse, Sofia 1784, Bulgaria
Abstract. The process of plasma etching of base polymer materials for multilayer boards (MLB) - epoxy glasses, polyimides, epoxy- and acrylate adhesives in CF4+O2 plasma was studied using response surface methodology (RSM). Statistical design of the experiments provided quadratic analytical expressions of the etch rate for each material in terms of the plasma parameters (pressure, CF4 per cent in the gas mixture, temperature). These expressions were illustrated with response surface contour plots, and used to determine the relative importance of each process variable on the etch performance.

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