Bulg. J. Phys. vol.19 no.3-4 (1992), pp. 089-095

Differential Polarization Interferometer for Measuring Surface Profiles

P. Yankov, M. Ivanov, I. Chaltakov
Sofia University, ILT, "Galitchiza" 99 A, 1126 Sofia, Bulgaria
Abstract. A differential interferometer based on the Nomarski microscope principle for measuring surface profiles is described in the paper. It is an instrument measuring surface profiles in a line with accuracy of better than 5 Å. A scan of more than 25 mm in steps of 10 μm can be perfo?rmed and the output data are in analog form which can be digitized and stored in a computer or displayed on a x-y plotter. The lateral resolution is determined by the used objective and the translation stage and in our case is 10 μm, and the maximum vertical measurement range is 1 μm.

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