Bulg. J. Phys. vol.32 no.4 (2005), pp. 287-291

Determination of It/Total Branching in Decay of 160mHo(5.02h) Isomer

J. Adam1,2, A. A. Solnyshkin1, N.A. Lebedev1, P. Chaloun1,2
1Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia
2Institute of Nuclear Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic
Abstract. Energies and intensities of Kx(Ho),Kx(Dy) and γ-quanta with energies 59.98 and 86.79 keV from the decay 160Er → 160m,gHo → 160Dy are measured with a high accuracy. The branching factor for the isomeric state 160mHo(2-) is found from the results of the measurements. The value 0.733(30) is obtained for the E3 transition to the ground state.

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