Bulg. J. Phys. vol.32 no.4 (2005), pp. 292-301

Complex Phase Shift Interpretation for Distorted Wave of Elastic Pion Scattering from Nuclei

R. Safari
Department of Nuclear Physics, Faculty of Physics, Tabriz University, Tabriz , Iran
Abstract. We use the equivalent local form of Kisslinger optical potential to calculate the elastic differential cross-sections for the scattering of pions from 82208Pb and 612C nuclei in the energy range of 150 to 292 MeV. For this range of energy the scattering amplitude depends on complex phase shifts of pion-nucleon interaction arising from spin and isospin degrees of freedom. We calculate the elastic differential cross-section by using Born approximation method. To get the desired results it is necessary to use a distorted wave function for the incident pions instead of the usual plane waves. This wave function has adjustable energy dependent parameters. By comparison of the experimental and theoretical differential cross-section, we have calculated the values of both potential and wave function parameters. We have used different density distributions to check their effects on angular distribution.

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