Bulg. J. Phys. vol.34 no.s1 (2007), pp. 349-358

National Strategies for Improving Control over Orphan Sources of Ionising Radiation

M. Nizamska
Division Emergency Planning and Preparedness, Bulgaria
Abstract. Since 1989 Bulgaria started reformation of economy sector. Part of this process is the intensive privatisation, as well as in the sited using radioactive materials for different applications -- industry, medicine, agriculture, etc. The quick change of property ownership results in difficulties to identify the assessor of radioactive source or material and finally led to appearance of orphan sources. A orphan source is defined as a source that poses sufficient radiological hazard to warrant regulatory control, but which is not under regulatory control because it has never been so, or because it has been abandoned, lost, misplaced, stolen or otherwise transferred without proper authorisation.
A face on these problems, Bulgaria is performing a series of measure to improve the control over orphan sources and to strengthening the control over the nuclear and radioactive materials. The report presents briefly this measures.

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