Bulg. J. Phys. vol.31 no.3-4 (2004), pp. 135-147

Application of Real-Time SAXS, WAXS, DSC, and PLM Methods for Investigation of Structure and Phase Transitions of Poly(heptane-1,7-dyil-4,4'-biphenyldicarboxylate).

G. K. Todorova1, M. N. Kresteva1, M. Iliev1, E. Pérez2, J. M. Pereña2, A. Bello2, M. Shlouf3
1University of Sofia, Faculty of Physics, Department of General Physics; 5, James Bourchier Blvd., 1164 Sofia, Bulgaria
2Instituto de Ciencia y Technologia de Polimeros (CSIC) Juan de la Cierva, 3 28006 Madrid, Spain
3Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry (CAS), 2 Heyrovskeho nam., 16206 Prague 6, Czech Republic
Abstract. A number of methods were applied to investigate the structure and phase transitions of poly(heptane-1,7-dyil-4,4’-biphenyldicaroboxilate). Monotropic smectic phase transition was observed. Complete transformation from an isotropic melt to smectic phase was suggested whereas the transition from smectic to crystalline phase is only partial. Conclusions about the nature and kinetics of the observed phase transitions were made. Structural model was proposed based on the comprehensive analysis of all applied methods.

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