Bulg. J. Phys. vol.35 no.3 (2008), pp. 182-190

Search for Entrance- and Exit-Channel Effects and the Suppression of Neutron Emission from the Decay of the Compound Nucleus 156Er*

N. Mansour
Zagazig University, Faculty of Science, Physics Department, Zagazig, Egypt
Abstract. High angular momentum components have been found in the cross-section for 64Ni + 92Zr → 156Er* by gamma-ray spectroscopy. They are expected to influence the known low evaporation neutron multiplicity, which is due to a predicted strong population of superdeformed states. The obtained gamma lines are consistent with a recently proposed level scheme of 154Er obtained by a different reaction. The static and dynamic moments of inertia θ1 and θ2 for the Erbium isotopes are calculated. The value of θ2 agree with cranked structinsky calculations. In the region N = 88 - 102 the moments of inertia are nearly constant in the heavy Er-isotopes, but in the lighter isotopes the moments of inertia are rising with decreasing neutron number. It is instructive to compare the inertial parameter of even isotopes of Erbium with those of Dysprosum isotopes.

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