Bulg. J. Phys. vol.39 no.2 (2012), pp. 165-177

High-Power SrBr2 Vapour Laser

K.A. Temelkov, N.K. Vuchkov
Metal Vapour Lasers Laboratory, Institute of Solid State Physics, 72 Tzarigradsko Chaussee, 1784 Sofia, Bulgaria
Abstract. Middle infrared high-power stable-operating He-SrBr2 laser IC-excited in nanosecond pulsed longitudinal discharge, was developed and studied. An active volume scaling in bore and length of this laser was carried out. The optimal temperature regime was found for laser oscillation at several different Sr atom and ion lines. Optimal discharge conditions, such as active zone diameter, vapour pressure, buffer-gas pressure, electrical excitation scheme parameters, average input power, pulse repetition frequency, were found. At multiline operation the highest average output power of 4.30 W for strontium lasers, oscillating in the middle infrared spectral range was obtained. More than 90% of this power was concentrated on the 6.45 μm Sr atom line The radial distribution of the laser intensity was detected to be a high-beam-quality Gaussian profile. The laser pulse duration (FWHM) for the He-SrBr2 laser was about 150 ns. This laser equipped with optical system for control of laser radiation parameters, such as laser beam divergence, laser intensity distribution, etc. could be successfully used in a large variety of applications, such as precise ablation or modification of soft and hard biological tissues, determination of optical properties of different materials newly developed instead of free electron lasers.

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