Bulg. J. Phys. vol.40 no.3 (2013), pp. 214-218

Collision Frequency of Adsorbed Particles

N.S. Peev
"Georgi Nadjakov" Institute of Solid State Physics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 72 Tzarigradsko Chaussee Blvd., 1784 Sofia, Bulgaria
Abstract. The frequency of collision of adsorbed particles is of interest for two-dimensional nuclei formation in crystal growth and for growth of two-dimensional nano-particles. The interaction of two particles and their coalescence is impossible without collision. The density of particles (dimmers, trimmers etc.) is proportional to frequency of collisions. It has been assumed that the crystal surface is isotropic. The adsorbed particles, consisting of i-atoms, having radius ri, migrate by velocity vi and free path length Li over the substrate. The probability for collision ω(x) between two kinds of particles i and ak has been determined. An expression for the number of collisions per unit surface area per unit time has been derived. The number of collisions per unit length of a straight growth step per unit time has also been evaluated.

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