Bulg. J. Phys. vol.41 no.1 (2014), pp. 034-059

Anisotropic Dark Energy Cosmological Models from Early Deceleration to Late Time Acceleration in Lyra Geometry

S.D. Katore1, A.Y. Shaikh2, S.A. Bhaskar1
1Department of Mathematics, S.G.B. Amravati University, Amravati-444602, India
2Department of Mathematics, Dr. B.N. College of Engineering & Technology, Yavatmal-445001, India
Abstract. We have studied anisotropic and homogenous Bianchi Type III, Kantowaski-Sachs, Bianchi Type V, Non-Static Plane Symmetric, Hypersurface-Homogeneous, Bianchi Type II, VIII, IX space-times under the assumption on the anisotropy of the fluid within the frame work of Lyra manifold. A special form of deceleration parameter (q) which gives an early deceleration and late time accelerating cosmological models has been utilized to solve the field equations. The physical and geometrical behaviors of the models are discussed.

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