Bulg. J. Phys. vol.42 no.1 (2015), pp. 042-052

LRS Bianchi Type I Cosmological Model with Bulk Viscosity in Lyra Geometry

S.P. Kandalkar, S. Samdurkar
Department of Mathematics, Govt. Vidarbha Institute of Science & Humanities, Amravati (M.S.), India
Abstract. In this paper we investigate LRS Bianchi type I bulk viscous cosmological model in the framework of Lyra geometry with time-dependent displacement vector. It is found that the bulk viscosity coefficient (ξ) is a decreasing function of time. The expression for proper distance, luminosity distance, angular diameter distance, look back time and distance modulus curve are analyzed and also the distance modulus curve of derived model nearly matches with Supernova~Ia (SN~Ia) observations.

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