Bulg. J. Phys. vol.32 no.3 (2005), pp. 204-213

Melt Free Radical Grafting of an Oxazoline Compound onto HDPE

T.L. Dimitrova1, C. Colletti2, F.P. La Mantia2
1University of Plovdiv "Paissi Hilendarski", Tzar Assen Str. 24, 4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2Dipartimento di Ingegneria Chimica dei Processi e dei Materiali, Universita' di Palermo, Viale delle Scienze 90128 Palermo, Italy
Abstract. Graft copolymers of polyolefines are widely used as compatibilizers in blends with engineering plastics. Although there are many polymers containing acid reactive groups, only a few polymers functionalized with basic groups have been used, because of their toxicity, difficulties in preparation, etc. The oxazoline group is a basic group, which presents high reactivity towards many other functional groups, such as acids, anhydrides, amines, etc. For this reason it is very suitable for the compatibilization of polymer alloys [1].

The aim of this work is to functionalize a high density polyethylene (HDPE) by grafting an oxazoline group ended compound, the ricinoloxazoline maleinate (OXA). The grafting reactions were carried out in an internal mixer. Many samples were made using various operative conditions.

FTIR spectral analysis on the modified samples confirms the effectiveness of the grafting reaction. Two large bands at about 1730 and 1640 cm-1, characteristic of the oxazoline ring resonance, are present [2]. Their presence in the spectrum of the modified polymers was confirmed. The influence of operative conditions on the grafting yield was qualitatively evaluated using the same technique. The modified polyethylene was used as a compatibilizing agent in a previous work.

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