Bulg. J. Phys. vol.42 no.4 (2015), pp. 328-336

Description of Shape Transitions in Superheavy Nuclei within Covariant Density Functional Theory

G.A. Lalazissis1, V. Prassa2, T. Nikšić2, D. Vretenar2
1Department of Theoretical Physics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki Gr-54124, Greece
2Physics Department, Faculty of science, University of Zagreb, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Abstract. A covariant energy density functional, adjusted to nuclear matter equation of state and empirical masses of deformed nuclei, is applied to study shapes of superheavy nuclei. Self-consistent mean field calculations predict a variety of spherical, axial and triaxial shapes of long lived superheavy nuclei. Alpha decay energies and half lives are compared with available experimental information. A microscopic quadrupole collective hamiltonian, based on the relativistic energy density functional, is used to study the effect of explicit treatment of collective correlations in the calculations of Qα values and half lives.

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