Bulg. J. Phys. vol.42 no.4 (2015), pp. 429-438

Exact Solutions of the Extended Pairing Interactions in Bose and Fermi Many-Body Systems

F. Pan1,2, Y. Zhang1, K.D. Launey2, L. Dai1, X. Guan1, J.P. Draayer2
1Department of Physics, Liaoning Normal University, 116029 Dalian, China
2Department of Physics and Astronomy, Louisiana State University, LA 70803-4001 Baton Rouge, USA
Abstract. A solvable extended Hamiltonian that includes multi-pair interactions among s- and d-bosons up to infinite order within the framework of the interacting boson model is proposed to gain a better description of E(5) model results for finite-N systems. Similarly, an extended pairing Hamiltonian to describe pairing interactions among valence nucleon monopole pairs up to infinite order in a spherical mean-field can also be built, which includes the extended pairing interaction model within a deformed mean-field theory as a special case. These mean-field plus pairing models are all constructed based on the local Ē2 algebraic structure.

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