Bulg. J. Phys. vol.45 no.4 (2018), pp. 357-373

Coherently Driven Nondegenerate Three-Level Laser with Noiseless Vacuum Reservoir

T. Abebe
Department of Physics, Jimma University, P. O. Box 378, Jimma, Ethiopia
Abstract. In this paper, the analysis of the quantum properties of cavity light produced by a coherently driven nondegenerate three-level laser in a closed cavity and coupled to a two-mode vacuum reservoir, is presented. Normal ordering of the noise operators associated with the vacuum reservoir is considered. Applying the solutions of the equations of evolution for the expectation values of the atomic operators and the quantum Langavin equations for the cavity mode operators, the quadrature squeezing, entanglement amplification, and the normalized second-order correlation function of the cavity radiation are obtained. The three-level laser generates squeezed light under certain conditions, with maximum intracavity squeezing being 43% below the vacuum-state level. Moreover, it is found that the photon numbers of a two-mode light beams are correlated.

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