Bulg. J. Phys. vol.46 no.1 (2019), pp. 016-027

A Study of Binary Fission and Ternary Fission in 232-238U

N. Sowmya, H.C. Manjunatha
Department of Physics, Government College for Women, Kolar-563101, Karnataka, India
Abstract. We studied the binary fission and ternary fission of uranium isotopes 232-238U. The total potential for binary and ternary fission of different fission fragments of uranium are calculated using recent proximity potential. The binary and ternary fission half-life of uranium isotopes for the different fission fragment combinations are calculated. The variation of logarithmic half-life of binary and ternary fission as a function of mass number is graphically represented. Branching ratios correspond to ternary and binary fission is also calculated. A detail study of branching ratio of binary fission with respect to ternary fission is also helps us to predict the dominant mode of fission in the uranium. The calculated parameters are compared with the experiments and it agrees well with the calculations.

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