Accepted Paper

Certain Investigations on Bulk Viscous String Models of the Universe with BVDP

R.K. Mishra1, Heena Dua2
1Department of Mathematics, Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology, Deemed-to-be-University, Under MoE, Govt. of India, Longowal-148106, Punjab, India
2School of Engineering and Sciences, GD Goenka University, Gurugram-122103, India
Abstract. The present communication deals with the tilted Bianchi type-VI0 bulk viscous string cosmological models in Sáez-Ballester theory of gravitation. To obtain an exact solution of the field equations, we consider three feasible physical relations, viz., expansion scalar θ as proportional to one of the components of the shear scalar σ, bilinear varying deceleration parameter (BVDP) and bulk viscosity coefficient ξ as a simple power function of the energy density ρ. We also discuss the behaviour of physical and geometrical parameters of the obtained models. For the stability of the solution, the nature of energy conditions is explored graphically. The findings of the models are in good agreement with the observational data.

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