Accepted Paper

Curvature Properties of Bardeen Black Hole Spacetime

A.A. Shaikh, S.K. Hui, M. Sarkar
Department of Mathematics, University of Burdwan, Golapbag, Burdwan-713104, West Bengal, India
Abstract. The Bardeen solution corresponding to Einstein field equations with a cosmological constant is a regular black hole. The main goal of this manuscript is to investigate the geometric structures in terms of curvature conditions admitted by this spacetime. It is found that this spacetime is pseudosymmetric and possess several kinds of pseudosymmetries. Also, it is a manifold of pseudosymmetricWeyl curvature and the difference tensor C⋅R—R⋅C linearly depends on the tensors Q(g;C) and Q(S;C). It is interesting to note that such a spacetime is weakly generalized recurrent manifold and satisfies special recurrent like structure. Further, it is an Einstein manifold of level 2 and Roter type. The energy momentum tensor of this spacetime is pseudosymmetric and finally a worthy comparison between the geometric properties of Bardeen spacetime and Reissner-Nordström spacetime is given.

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