Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 19 no. 1-2 (1992)

High Momentum Components of Nucleon Momentum Distributions Emerging from Skyrme-Hartree-Fock Calculations
M.V. Stoitsov
pp. 001-010, [abs, pdf]
Alpha-Particle Momentum Distributions in Nuclei within the Coherent Density Fluctuations Model
A.N. Antonov, E.N. Nikolov, I.Zh. Petkov, P.E. Hodgson, G.A. Lalazissis
pp. 011-021, [abs, pdf]
Asymptotic Electron Wavefunctions of Excited Atoms
N.V. Vitanov, G.S. Panev
pp. 022-026, [abs, pdf]
Form of the Spin-Orbit Potential in a Nonlocal Separable Interaction
H.A. Mourad, I.Sh. Vashakidze
pp. 027-030, [abs, pdf]
Critical Concentration for Stimulated Amplification of Gamma Rays
P.S. Kamenov, A. Petrakiev
pp. 031-041, [abs, pdf]
Calibration of uvby Photoelectric System in AO Belogradchik
N. Kaltcheva, L. Georgiev, M. Ivanov
pp. 042-047, [abs, pdf]
Analysis of the Standing-Wave Solutions of the One-Dimensional Sine-Gordon Equation
N. Martinov, N. Vitanov
pp. 048-056, [abs, pdf]
An Additional Solution of the Waveguide Problem for Waveguide Partially Filled with Semiconductor Plasma
K.G. Alexov
pp. 057-063, [abs, pdf]
Tl-Ba-V-O Conductors
I.Z. Kostadinov, B. Alexandrov, V. Valtchinov, G. Georgiev, E. Dinolova, O. Petrov, Tz. Sariisky
pp. 064-067, [abs, pdf]
The Influence of Velocity Growth on the Si-content and Coercivity of NiFe-Si Films
M. Vatzkitcheva, L. Vatzkitchev, St. Marinov
pp. 068-071, [abs, pdf]
Optical Properties of a-Si:H Deposited by Homogeneous CVD Method
A. Toneva, Ts. Mihailova
pp. 072-077, [abs, pdf]
Rapid Thermal Annealing of CVD-Molybdenum Thin Films
K.A. Gesheva, V. Abrosimova
pp. 078-081, [abs, pdf]
The Effect of Annealing on the Superconducting Properties of RF Magnetron Sputtered BSCCO Films
T.C. Nurgaliev, B.G. Goranchev
pp. 082-088, [abs, pdf]
Surface Modulation of Polyimide in a Gas Discharge: Post-Effect
S.I. Ivanov, D.M. Svirachev, V.P. Pechenyakova, Ch.V. Petrov, E.D. Dobreva
pp. 089-094, [abs, pdf]
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