Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 19 no. 3-4 (1992)

Application of the Laplacean Nuclear Force to the np-Scattering in the Subrelativistic Region
A.S. Karastoyanov
pp. 001-011, [abs, pdf]
One-Dimensional Anharmonic Oscillator in Self-Similar Approximation
E.P. Yukalova, V.I. Yukalov
pp. 012-023, [abs, pdf]
On the Mathematical Description of Texture Determination by Diffraction Methods
T. Vodenicharova, K. Krezhov
pp. 024-034, [abs, pdf]
Raman Scattering from Bi2.4Sr2.6Fe2O9+δ
V.N. Hadjimitov, M.N. Iliev, M. Pissas, C. Mitros
pp. 035-040, [abs, pdf]
High-Temperature Stability of the Optical Properties of Chloride Black Molybdenum Solar Selective Surfaces
K.A. Gesheva
pp. 041-048, [abs, pdf]
Characterization of Silicon Nitride Films Deposited onto Silicon
V. Lasarova, G. Beshkov, K.A. Gesheva
pp. 049-056, [abs, pdf]
On the Emission of Antimony Centers in SrCl2 Single Crystals
V. Tabakova, L. Popova, M. Stoycheva
pp. 057-059, [abs, pdf]
On the Magnetic Phase Diagram of CoAlCr
K. Eftimova, R. Laiho, E. Lähderanta, J. Booth
pp. 060-066, [abs, pdf]
A Simple Model of MOSFET's Exposed to High Doses of γ-Irradiation
K.G. Grigorov
pp. 067-073, [abs, pdf]
Optimizing Plasma Etching of Base Polymer Materials for MLB Using Response Surface Methodology
I. Garnev, K.Oshinov, V. Orlinov, K. Popova, B. Spangenberg
pp. 074-079, [abs, pdf]
Calibration Procedure, Linearity Tests and Error Analysis of Microwave Dicke-Type Radiometers
B.I. Vichev, K.G. Kostov, E.N. Kresteva
pp. 080-088, [abs, pdf]
Differential Polarization Interferometer for Measuring Surface Profiles
P. Yankov, M. Ivanov, I. Chaltakov
pp. 089-095, [abs, pdf]
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