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Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 20 no. 1-2 (1993)

On the Measurement of Time in Mathematical Time's Models
A.S. Madguerova
pp. 001-008, [abs, pdf]
Interaction of α-Particles with α-Cluster Nuclei (126C and 168O) in Aspect of Optical Potential
S. El-Gazaly, M. El-Khosht, I.I. Bondok, N.Z. Darwish
pp. 009-016, [abs, pdf]
Gamma Transitions in 110Cd Nucleus
M. El-Khosht, H. Hanafi
pp. 017-029, [abs, pdf]
Neutron Depolarization Facility at the Research Reactor IRT-Sofia. Study of Amorphous Ferromagnetic Ribbons
K. Krezhov, V. Lilkov
pp. 030-041, [abs, pdf]
Obtaining Polymer Corona Charging Electrets in the Presence of Different Gases
P.G. Karmazova, M.S. Mintchev, G.A. Mekishev
pp. 042-051, [abs, pdf]
Observation of Density Disturbances in the Ambient Medium Caused by Short Gap Electric Arc in Water
B.A. Srebrov, I.Ts. Ivanov
pp. 052-054, [abs, pdf]
Automated System for Double-Probe Plasma Diagnostics
N. Djermanova, I. Urdev, D. Zamfirov
pp. 055-062, [abs, pdf]
He-Hg Laser with Transverse Hf Excitation
N. Sabotinov, P. Telbizov
pp. 063-068, [abs, pdf]
Shape Measurement by Phase-Shifting Laser Interferometry
V. Sainov, G. Stoilov
pp. 069-075, [abs, pdf]
Atmospheric Temperature Profiles Measured by Rotational Raman Lidar and Radiosondes: Results from Inter?comparison Experiments
V.M. Mitev, V.B. Simeonov, l.V. Grigorov, Ya.T. Paneva, P.K. Georgiev
pp. 076-086, [abs, pdf]
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