Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 20 no. 3-4 (1993)

Algebraic Solution for Specific Potentials on the Poincare Upper Half-Plane
L. Chetouani, L. Guechi, T.F. Hammann
pp. 001-010, [abs, pdf]
Radiative β-Transition In 198Au Radionuclide
A.M. Basha, H.S.A. Ragab, S. El-Konsol, E.I. Khalil, O.M. Osman
pp. 011-017, [abs, pdf]
Short-Range Correlations and the A-Representability Problem within the Low-Order Approximation to the Jastrow Method
M.V. Stoitsov, A.N. Antonov, S.S. Dimitrova
pp. 018-024, [abs, pdf]
Transformations of the Equilibrium Orbit in Synchrotrons During Injection and Extraction
D. Dinev
pp. 025-031, [abs, pdf]
Radiation Risk for the Electronic Blocks of the Electrostatic Probes for the Mars'94 Experiment
B. Kirov, K. Georgieva
pp. 032-038, [abs, pdf]
Nitrogen Ions Implantation In Al-4 wt% Cu Alloy
V. Dimova, G. Zlateva, V. Gaidarova, T. Markov, D. Danailov, Ch. Angelov
pp. 039-045, [abs, pdf]
Spectrophotopolarimeter: A Simplified Version for Real Time Measurement at Selected Wavelengths
L. Nikolova, M. Ivanov, T.Todorov, S. Stoyanov
pp. 046-054, [abs, pdf]
Single-Channel Amplitude Analyzer with Exact Timing
S. Ormandjiev, V. Angelov, M. Makahleh
pp. 055-064, [abs, pdf]
Soil Moisture Estimates with Multifrequency Radar Systems
N. Zerdev, G.P. Kulemin
pp. 065-070, [abs, pdf]
Loss Analysis in the Discharge Loop of a High-Power Artificial Line Pulsed Modulator
N.I. Mihailov, O.I. Vankov, Ch.G. Ghelev
pp. 071-075, [abs, pdf]
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