Table of contents
Bulg. J. Phys. vol. 21 no. 1-2 (1994)

On Pseudo-Projective Ricci Symmetric Manifolds
M.C. Chaki, S.K. Saha
pp. 001-007, [abs, pdf]
Analytical Model of Neutron Resonance Cross Sections in the Unresolved Energy Region
T. Jordanov, A. Lukyanov
pp. 008-017, [abs, pdf]
Particle Number Projection after BCS Variation and Its Influence on the Potential Energy Surface of Fissionable Nuclei
B. Slavov
pp. 018-027, [abs, pdf]
An Algorithm for First Turn Steering in Synchrotrons
D. Dinev
pp. 028-035, [abs, pdf]
Bolometric Response of YBCO Thin Films to Blackbody Radiation
N. Tyutyundzhiev
pp. 036-044, [abs, pdf]
On a Problem of Thermo-Piezoelectricity
T.K. Munshi, K.K. Kundu, R.K. Mahalanabis
pp. 045-049, [abs, pdf]
On a Simplified Analysis of the Effective Electron Mass in Quantum Wires of Opto-Electronic Materials in the Presence of a Parallel Magnetic Field
K.P. Ghatak, D. Bhattacharyya
pp. 050-058, [abs, pdf]
Low-Field Thermomagnetic Curves of Melt-Spun Nd-Fe-B Ribbons
O. Popov, S. Nikolov, H. Sassik, M. Mikhov
pp. 059-064, [abs, pdf]
Monte Carlo Simulation of Inhomogeneous Primary Recrystallization
I. Iordanova, I. Rupsky, J. Valcheva
pp. 065-072, [abs, pdf]
Fullerene Production in He, Ne, Ar, Kr and Xe Gas Ambients
G. Pchelarov, N. Koprinarov, M. Konstantinova
pp. 073-079, [abs, pdf]
Visible Luminescence of Stain-Etched Germanium
D. Dimova-Malinovska, N. Tzenov, M. Tzolov
pp. 080-086, [abs, pdf]
Preparation of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon by Homogeneous Chemical Vapour Deposition
S. Koynov, A. Toneva
pp. 087-095, [abs, pdf]
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